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C.E. Redwine Takes Circle R Productions to the World, Establishes Web Site on the Internet

February 6, 1998-- In order to provide faster access and better communications for his employees and clients, Mr. Redwine has developed an Internet Web site for Circle R Productions. The site is hosted by Dallas based MeauxNet  (found at The Web site provides electronic correspondence for Clients and for his performers. The site showcases not only the Circle R Production company but also provides information on the various bands and professional entertainers available through Circle R Productions.

Technology - Mr. Redwine uses a Pentium based computer with a high quality scanner and a color printer to produce brochures in print. It was a logical step for Mr. Redwine to move these images and text to the internet for world-wide access.

Web Site Growth - All of Circle R Productions Performers are being encouraged to provide their latest News Releases, Performance News, Schedules, and most recent photos. These will all be made available via the Web soon. Clients are excited about this new enhancement to Circle R Productions and are eager to browse the latest agency activities.   Inital photos are provided through a "Talent Showcase" which can be accessed from the home page at Circle R Production's Web site.

History - Circle R Productions has provided quality bands and individual entertainers for over 30 years. The agency provides a wide variety of entertainment. Types of Entertainment are listed on the Circle R Productions Home Page located at


This portion of the Circle R Productions Web Site provides photographs and indepth discussions of the achievements, history, styles, repertoire and other pertinent information on Circle R Productions talent. We will soon include midi files and sound clips in our Talent Showcase!!! As for now please call for an audio tape or more information on our talent.

Entertainers interested in joining the Talent Showcase at Circle R Production's Web Site can go to and get more information or join on line.   Mr. Carroll Redwine can be contacted at 405-622-3349 or  E-Mail sent to  - for more information on the process.

For More Information on Circle R Productions and what they do, contact:

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