6 piece groups

AGENT'S NOTE:  Travel expenses vary widely and although the base price remains the same, these expenses must be charged back to the customer by necessity.  We will calculate these expenses for you on request and give you a fixed price.  We strive to get the very lowest fares and prices on accomodations and are very competitive in this area.  The good news is that the fixed base price for the performance will not change!  In each case the MINIMUM (min) base price is quoted.....mileage is .30 cents per mile...budget hotels are approx $50.00 per band member.....airfare varies.

redredwine.GIF (104464 bytes)  RED RED WINE : $950 min   (SCHEDULE)

Circle R’s finest variety band. Great listening . Wonderfully danceable. Top voices in Country-Big Band-Rock or Pop. (Oklahoma’sPremiere group) 


    Music.gif (4076 bytes)Give Me 3 Steps (Skynyrd)(1.210MB)

    Music.gif (4076 bytes)Around the Clock(670kb)

    Music.gif (4076 bytes)Summertime (sax-trumpet-vocals)(310k)

    Music.gif (4076 bytes)Margarita Ville (Buffet)(485kb)

    Music.gif (4076 bytes) I Can Hear Texas (341K)

   Music.gif (4076 bytes)Be Bop a Lula (957kb)

   Music.gif (4076 bytes) Wind Beneath My Wings (2.211MB)

   Music.gif (4076 bytes) Tell Me Why(884kb)

MIKE BLACK & THE STINGRAYS:stngrays_band.gif (22187 bytes)

$450 min.  Great 50's-60's Rock & Roll with Mike’s wonderful voice and crowd appeal (many classic tunes also in repretoire)

Talkofthetown.GIF (87115 bytes) TALK OF THE TOWN ORCHESTRA:$900 min.  Music of the 30's-40's-50's and some of today’s Pop. OKC’s wonderful Big Band Sounds. 5 Saxes-3 Trps-3Trombones &Rhythm Section (Big Band at its finest)

LONESOME HIGH:$550 min.  3 guitars - keys - drums - bass. Plays mostly country (some old, some new) great Moose club/or similar party band

BANDS- 5 piece groups

BRIAN LEWIS:$375 min.  Rap. Hip-Hop. R &B. New Band Sounds of the 90's

NIGHT WINGS:$400 min.  This group has played OKC area for over 6 years (good 50's-60's) old and new country.

NO LIMIT BAND:$500 min.  Top 40 Country (some older tunes) 50's & 60's Pop and Rock

SANFE FE BAND:$450 min.  Group plays Top 40 Country (some soft rock) some older Country (very danceable band) Appears often at Charlies in Shawnee and many private parties.

ScottSpringfield.GIF (48935 bytes)SCOTT SPRINGIFELD $2000 min.   Oklahoma and Nashville’s next big act. Great Show. Top notch entertainment (must book well in advance)

JoeWhiteBand.GIF (254952 bytes)JOE WHITECOTTEN’S JAZZ BAND:$450 min. Old territory jazz band) with new name (featured at Norman’s Jazz in June festival) very danceable but also wonderful to listen to. (Real Old Time Jazz) 


   Music.gif (4076 bytes) Blue Skies          Music.gif (4076 bytes)Blueberry Hill

  Music.gif (4076 bytes)  Route 66             Music.gif (4076 bytes)Girl from Ipanema

DOC BLUES:$350 min. Just Blues(but) wonderful if you are looking for a night in blue.

RayDrewB.GIF (66185 bytes)RAY DREW BLUES:$250 min.  Classic "Black" Blues(none better) our top Blues band (danceable - great "Listenin")

DAZSAVOO:$550 min.  OKC’s top Hard Rock and Roll Band. Plays 70's-80's-90's Rock. Great for your Senior Prom, the kids will love them. Also great for college soroiety and fraternity parties.

FireCreek.GIF (148282 bytes)FIRE CREEK:$750 min.  Top 40 Country (some older tunes) Diane Payne is featured vocalist. She is considered one of Oklahoma’s best female singers- great show- wonderful dance beats.

JOHNNY JOHNSON:$550 min.  Good Sax player- good vocals- great variety of dance music-Band is highly booked - Call early!!

LITTLE FASTER:$450 min.  Great dance music (young crowds) Clubs-Parties-

BANDS-4-piece groups

TRADER BENT:$450 min.  Beautiful lady at keyboard with great voice - bass- guitar-drums - good male vocies also. Performs mainly country - with a wide variety of other music available in their repretoire.

Capt. Tripps.   Modern Rock band signed to Delinquent Records in Decator Alabama.

MusicMusicMusic.GIF (277955 bytes)MUSIC. MUSIC. MUSIC:$350 min.  Polkas and walzes. Wonderful for Czech festivals.. Featured at Oklahoma largest Yukon Czech festival. Appears regularly in Tulsa area.

VISIONS:$750 min.  Four very talented young black musicians who are heavily booked in OKC area..Best of today’s music for your parties (very danceable)

TECATE:$450 min.  (Mariaches) In costumes (very colorful) Dress your dinner/party with this

tremendously entertaining Mariache Band (All Spanish Music by Spanish speaking group.