Barry V and Company :

BarryV and Company is the brainchild of Barry Vincent, guitarist, arranger, composer, studio musician, bandleader.

BarryV and Company is a new band of professional musicians who play a wide variety of music, including jazz (traditional and modern/light), reggae, rhythm and blues, popular hits and oldies, and dance music. The six-member band currently operates out of Miami, Florida.  When one totals the number of  professional performing years of these six musicians, it averages to twenty years each.

Barry Vincent is a New Yorker, whose musical roots stem from his days in Jamaica jamming with Bob Marley and Jimmy Cliff, among others.  Barry has performed around Europe, the U.S., and Scandinavia.  England saw the birth of his first instrumental album, Coast To Coast,  on the Themes International Label , U.K   which he Composed , Directed and played on. This product is in Music Libraries Around the world. .[ E.M.I. ] Worldwide distrubution.

Barry has performed on and co-produced numerous albums with labels such as Def Jam, Trin-Jam, Crytonite Productions, and Island Records.  He has performed with Mary Lou WIlliams, Dr. Lonnie Smith, The Marvelettes, Reggae Recording Stars Dennis Brown , John Holt , and Aswad  to name a few.

The members of the band include vocalist Beverly Barkley, keyboard artist Jean Beliard, Eddy Phillippe on drums, and Richie White on bass. For more information on the band and its members, contact:, or call (305) 756-5481.