REEVES & STEEL: Reeves is a beautiful young lady who sings like a bird and plays great piano . Her partner Steel also has a great male voice and plays guitar and bass. $250 (plus travel expenses)

DENIM & LACE: Young handsome guy and Beautiful wife with great voice and crowd savvy. Plays to crowd. Wide Country. Pop and Soft Rock repretoire.$350 (plus travel expenses)(depending on the date and distance)

SAVANNAH MOON: Another fine man and wife team. Top 40 and Classic Rock. $450 (plus travel expenses)

LEAN TWO: This husband and wife team has entertained in Vegas many years and now resides in Oklahoma. They are Circle R’s top DUO and perform mainly country and a variety of Pop-Classic Rock , etc. (Very danceable) and great to listen to, as are all our acts. $350 (plus travel expenses).


THE EVE TRIO:Three lovely ladies each sings and and plays. Very enjoyable for SENIOR CROWD they are very professional in sound and appearance.$450 (plus travel expenses).

TED MALAVEH:Bolivian Music. Get in the Latin Swing. Great Listening. Good voice with unusual beat. Be the only group in your area to have these exotic sounds.$350 (plus travel expenses).


CELESTIAL STRINGS:  Classic String Quartet (all) Symphony players with wide repretoire of tunes that lighten and brighten a beautiful setting- great for weddings - showers, shows,etc.$450 (plus travel expenses).