This is where you go for information about how to get your band information inserted into the Circle R Productions TALENT SHOWCASE.  We support a wide variety of file types.

This web site supports:

Mr. Redwine is awfully busy these days with booking activities and has farmed this out to Redwine Systems located in sunny Dallas, TX.

Please E-Mail your bio (contact information and description of your abilities) to us along with your picture (you can send us a scanned image). We also accept Snail Mail (U.S. post office method).  please call us for the address if you don't have a computer and your are getting this information via hardcopy or on someone else's computer.

At Redwine Systems we get 10 Meg (Ethernet) per second access to the Internet (then it becomes DS3 (45Mbps)) so don't worry about the size of the image. We would prefer that you send us a .jpg (JPEG) file but BMP's or other formats will do.

What do you do if you don't own a scanner?

WELLLLLL...... Then just send us your picture and we will scan it for you for FREE.

Yes folks that's right you get professional scanning and imaging for FREE from us due to our business relationship with Circle R Productions!!

You can send up to an 8x10 picture (please nothing larger).

In order to insure prompt service please E-Mail your name, address and phone number to us along with your submission. See the bottom of the page for the US Postal Address.


Please allow 1- 2 weeks for your information to appear in the showcase. It is possible that we may be able to publish your picture and bio the dame day we receive it but we can't gaurantee that. We will gaurantee within two weeks that you are listed and available in the TALENT SHOWCASE.

This page is under construction. We are working on adding more automation but for now we are opting for a BRUTE FORCE approach so that we can get you onto our Web site (Circle R Productions) as fast as possible.

Contact Information

Office Telephone
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Postal address for sending stuff you want on the web site.
Redwine Systems
3941 High Summit
Dallas, TX  75244
Ph. 972-620-1665