Tripps , a four piece band from Tulsa, OK., formed in the Summer of '96. With a strong desire to blend infectious guitar hooks with ear pleasing melodies and a staight forward backbeat, Tripps writes with a modern approach to music.


Scott - Guitar

Doug - Bass

Influenced by everything from Stevie Ray Vaughn to Steve Vie, Scott bought his first guitar from D. and they have been jamming ever since. Scott grew up listening to Crue, Ozzy, Quennsryche and everything else from Tesla to Testament, hardcore to blues. Scott lives to party and play music 24/7.

Inspired by a pindle of past and present bands with a strong desire from the heart, Doug was influenced by people from Robert Smith to Trent Reznor to, in the later years, Scott, Cris and D. His attitude towards music is like life's blood - you need it to survive.

D. - Drums

Cris - Vox, Guitar

Inspired by a family which imbodies a variety of musical traditions-from a music professor to a jazz musician and several country artists and influenced by Gary Sullivan, Tommy Lee, Vikki Foxx, Bobby Chouinard and Phil Rudd, D.'s appraoch to drumming is find a groove and let the music, melody and lyrics breathe.

From the moment his parents bought him his first KISS album, 'Rock and Roll Over' at the age of 5, Cris has been addicted to music. Heavily influenced by KISS, as well as, the Beatles, Beach Boys and Crue, Cris finds the creation of music the single most enjoyable facet of the music business. been addicted to music.

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